Project Background


We started this project as a bunch of nerdy engineers in Huntsville, AL, 3D printing face shields to help protect workers from airborne splatter.  We were quickly joined by nurses, machinists, project coordinators, and dozens of volunteers to organize a huge project that created and donated over 40,000 face shields to frontline workers all across Alabama.  

Partners from all over the state, in  Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, and Dothan helped to distribute face shields to hospitals across Alabama. We have also been able to support the entire region, supplying large quantities to Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and even California.


Project Update

We have officially transitioned from 3D printing to injection molding, and will soon be able to make over 5,000 face shields every single day.

Overwhelming demand from the entire region has now far outpaced donations. As a group made up completely from volunteers, we can not afford to keep the injection molding machines running, so we've come up with a plan.


Project Future

As a group of volunteers, we can no longer afford to buy the materials for and produce over 5,000 face shields every single day.

So we have transitioned our injection molding capability to a local business, who is now selling face shields in order to fund further production. They are able to continue donating a fixed percentage of the face shields produced to areas in the community that are most in need or can not afford to purchase them.